teams Advisor

Dr. Benedikt Schoser


  • Co-chair, Friedrich-Baur Institute, Germany‚Äôs major national center for Neuromuscular Diseases
  • Co-chair, Scientific Muscle and Neuromuscular Panel of European Academy of Neurology
  • Director of Interdisciplinary Center for Neuromuscular Disorder at Ludwig Maximillian University
  • Associated Professor of Neurology at the Ludwig Maximillian University
  • Published more than 200 articles in peer reviewed academic and medical journals
teams Advisor

Dr. Joseph Aceto, JD, PhD


  • Counsel, Obermayer Rebmann Maxwelll and Hippel LLP
  • General Counsel/Managing Partner, CRx Bio Holdings
  • Board of Directors, Pennsylvania Drug Discovery Institute
  • MS from Drexel, Ph.D from the Lewis Katz School of Medicine Temple University and J.D. from the Widener University School of Law
teams Director

Lindy Snider


  • Founder/CEO, Lindy Skin
  • Founder, OnoCosmeteics
  • Board Affiliations: Cancer Forward, PSPCA, Snider Foundation and more
  • BA from Ithaca University and University of Pennsylvania
teams Consultant

Paul Wilkenson, PhD

Assistant Professor of Pharmacy at the University of Connecticut and Auburn University

  • Pharmaceutical development manager including positions with J and J Pharmaceutical, Merck, Sharp and Dohme Research Laboratories, and RP Scherer
  • BS in Pharmacy from the University of Connecticut, MS in Pharmacy and his PhD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from the University of Michigan
teams Consultant

Linda Klumpers PhD

Project leader at the CHDR Centre for Human Drug Research and Leiden University Medical Center

  • Published nine papers in international scientific journals, including the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology and NeuroImage
  • Since 2010 she has been a recurring lecturer at the International Cannabis Masterclass
  • PhD in Clinical Pharmacology from the Leiden University Medical Center. MHBO Business Management from the NOCI, Woerden and M.Sc. in Medical Biology - Cognitive Neurosciences and Neurobiology, from the University of Amsterdam